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SKYPARK AJ Hackett Sochi

Are you an adventure-seeker ready for high-adrenaline activities? Welcome! The first in Russia SkyPark is perfect for you. The SkyPark was built close to a famous Trout Farm, on the way to Krasnaya Polyana mountain resort. It was open to the public in the summer of 2014 thanks to AJ Hackett – the New Zealand traveller with a love of thrill-inducing sports, famous for his Eiffel Tower jump in Paris, June 26, 1987.  

Now AJ Hackett International is a well-known company which core product is Bungy Jumping, and the activity with which the company has forged its international reputation. AJ Hackett International has operated this active experience in more than 10 countries over the last 24 years and remains the world leader in setting up, running, and innovating Bungy Systems. And we're happy they are here with us now. 

We invite you to AJ Hackett Sochi.  There's something for every adventurer. Take an unforgettable walk on the world longest Skybridge (440 m) and experience the freedom and excitement of walking over the canyon at a height of 220 m. The Skybridge was created to allow people of all ages to overcome the age old fear of vertigo. 

If you like a challenge, take your chance to jump off the bridge.  High-adrenaline activities - Bungy 69 m and  Bungy 207 m await you. And if you want to be tied up & thrown off with a friend, then choose Tandem Bungy Jump.


Bungy Jumping has always fascinated both the jumper and spectator alike. Viewing platforms allow visitors to enjoy all the activities. 

Adventurers looking for extra thrills can fly over the canyon using Flying Fox, zipline tour.  

Another way of rope jumping is the giant SochiSwing with a radius of 160 m which was created to allow 1, 2 or 3 people to experience extreme speed and acceleration together. SochiSwing is the highest in the world taking to the height of 170 m and accelerating to the breath-taking speed: few seconds only and you're on the other side of the canyon. 

The Park also offers an 18 m long Climbing Wall and the Rope Park Mowgli. Young adventurers (or the young at heart) looking for extra thrills will meet their match here. And no special training is needed.

Definitely you can rest assured the SkyPark adventure is really safe.  AJ Hackett International was the first in the world to be awarded the ‘S’ Mark for exceptional safety and quality assurance of their products. Here the professional crew and high standard of equipment, training schemes and procedures ensure that you will be kept safe. 

Come and have fun and experience thrills. Brave your uneasiness and defy even your own expectations. The SkyPark will challenge you to new heights. The rush of adrenalin is secured!





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