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By Russian standards, Sochi is a medium-sized city with a permanent population of over 400,000 people, although its position in the sub-tropics means this number swells during the summer as holidaymakers from all over Russia head here.

The Greater Sochi Area is the most extended area of population in the country. Stretching down along the coast of the Black Sea, its waterfront measures 145 kilometers from tip to toe making Sochi the second longest city in the world after Mexico City. In total, the area making up Sochi (3,526 square kilometers) is larger than some countries.

Sochi is divided into four city districts: the Central District, Khosta District, Adler District, and Lazarev District.

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+7 (862) 2-901-901 (Sochi)
+7 (495) 234-37-60 (Moscow)
+7 (862) 2-901-905 (FAX)