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Central District

The Central District is by far the smallest out of four in terms of the area. In terms of the population, this district is approximately twice as big as each of the other three city districts.

This area boasts numerous SPA-centers and resorts well known both in Russia and CIS countries. There is also a large number of landmarks in the area.

The Central District highlights include:

  • Michael the Archangel Cathedral – the Orthodox church built in1873–1891 to Kaminsky's design to commemorate the end of the Caucasus War.
  • Archangel Column - a column of red granite with the statue of of Sochi's patron saint, Michael the Archangel on top. The column was built in 2006 in memory of the Russian soldiers fallen in this area during the CaucasusWar.
  • Winter Theater (1934–1937) - the imposing building with 88 Corinthian columns and the statues of Terpsichore, Melpomene and Thalia by Vera Mukhina on top. The Theater hosts many concerts, theatrical performances and international theater and film festivals.
  • Sochi Art Museumbuilt in 1936 in neoclassical style by the architect Ivan Zholtovsky, the Museum boasts the collections of paintings and icons of the 19th-21st centuries as well as of edged weapon.
  • Sochi Dendrarium – laid in 1892 by the Russian nobleman Sergei Khudekov, the local Botanic Gardens boast nearly 2,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants, and a large number of evergreens.
  • Riviera Park – one of the most popular Sochi parks opened in 1883 by Vasily Khludov, the merchant of Moscow. His former summer residence can be found in one of the park's corners. The park has an abundance of cafes, souvenir shops, tennis courts, an open-air theater, and many amusements for children.
  • Organ and Chamber Music Hall - centrally located, it's one of the most popular places for classical music lovers to enjoy concerts of the local Symphony Orchestra, famous Russian and International performers.
  • The Maritime Passenger Terminal (1955) and the Train Station (1952) - the city most beautiful buildings.


Central District Central District Central District

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