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Krasnaya Polyana

Let us take you on a  tour of Krasnaya Polyana to see some of the most beautiful sites in the area.


A short drive away, 70 km only and ideal for a day excursion, the resort is an entertainment destination, 600 m up in the mountains.

The drive is an unforgettable experience for all visitors: with views of the azure blue waters of the Black Sea, majestic snow-capped mountains with alpine meadows, fast rivers, and beautiful waterfalls.

Several stops along  the way at some of  the most attractive places will allow you to admire the views and take pictures.

There is no better way to make your memories of the trip  complete than taking a ride  on a ski-lift. You'll always remember the view as you ascend to the top. You'll soon find yourself in the clouds and you will then  have a dramatic view of the clouds clearing away to reveal the lush green forest landscape below. Or, if you prefer, you're always free to get off at any of the four levels on the way.


With its perfect location right at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, Krasnaya Polyana offers one of the best skiings in Russia. Majestic peaks, more than 3000 m high, surround the village, offering a virgin snow.

With the Winter Olympics held in February, 2014 the roads and slopes have been improved considerably, making this ski resort area even more attractive and easily accessible.  The Russian top officials regularly  visit  Krasnaya Polyana and it's a favourite weekend retreat for many.

No visit to Krasnaya Polyana would be complete without buying some of the local honey. There're many bee-keepers in the area, and the local honey is considered  the best in Russia.

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