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+7 (862) 2-901-901 (Sochi)
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SG Tours is an officially registered Russian tourist company proud of its long record of catering to and arranging its clients travel and holiday plans.

We provide a full range of leisure and vacation travel including cruises, tours and health packages. Whether in an escorted group or travelling on your own - seeking leisure or adventure - we can help provide exactly what you want. We really know our clients' needs!

Should you desire to visit Sochi, the venue of 2014 Winter Olympics, we will meet your every need. You can rest assured that all of us here will be doing our utmost to ensure that your stay is enjoyable. We are committed to providing quality service.

We would be happy to serve you in planning your vacation in Sochi or elsewhere:
  • Hotel reservation
  • Incoming tours
  • Tours around Russia
  • Outbound packages
  • Cruise trips
  • Health packages
  • Itinerary planning
  • Transfers
  • Conferences & seminars arrangements
  • Visa support
  • VIP groups/Individual programs
  • VIP airport reception
  • Chartered flights
  • Car rental
  • Train/plane tickets
  • Professional multilingual guides/interpreters
  • City sightseeing tours
  • Theatre, concert & event tickets
  • Scuba diving

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you'll be in the hands of a reputable and insured tour operator.

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+7 (862) 2-901-901 (Sochi)
+7 (495) 234-37-60 (Moscow)
+7 (862) 2-901-905 (FAX)