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The Sochi Olympic park that was constructed along the Black Sea for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Imeretinsky Lowland of the Adler District is one of the most significant attractions of Sochi.

During the Olympics the park received 140,000 visitors. And the official opening took place on June 28, 2014.



The Olympic Park houses all the ice venues such as the Bolshoi Ice Dome, the Shayba Arena, the Adler Arena, the Iceberg Skating Center, the Ice Cube Curling Center, the Central Stadium, the Main Olympic Village and the Media Center and Main Press Center.

It also houses the Theme Park and the Formula One track, 5,848 km circuit that loops around the Olympic Park, and has a capacity of 55,000 spectators. This venue was opened on September 21, 2014.


All of the venues are accessible within walking distance of each other and the most spectacular one is the Fisht Olympic Stadium which hosted the opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is 1,400 m away from the park entrance. For the winter games the stadium held a capacity of 45,000 spectators. And it's going to be transformed from a domed stadium into an open-air venue for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup seating 47,659 after renovation.



Then comes the Bolshoy Ice Dome, a 12,000-seat arena for ice hockey first opened in 2012. The arena was designed to resemble a frozen water droplet. Along with ice-hockey matches entertainments and concerts are often held here now. Also this is the home arena for Hockey Club Sochi, a member of the KHL.


Next to the Bolshoy Ice Dome, 300 m away is the blue and white building of the Shayba arena for 7,000 also used for ice hockey games. Shayba is the Russian word for puck. Now this arena also hosts the Sports and Recreation center for children.

Another 12,000-seat arena is the Iceberg Skating Palace which is 1,150 m away from the park entrance. The arena hosted both figure skating and short track speed skating events of the Olympics.

The Ice Cube Curling Center at the Olympic Park can seat 3,000 spectators. This four-storied arena hosted curling component of the Olympics, as well as the wheelchair curling component of the Paralympics. The Center is 1,700 m away from the park entrance. Now it is also used as and entertainment center.

The oval-shaped 8,000-seat Adler Arena which is 1,500 m away from the park entrance hosted the speed-skating component of the Olympics. The walls have been made as transparent as possible to ensure spectators the best views. In September, 2014 the Tennis Academy was open here. The arena hosts the Expo-Center as well.




The Sochi Media Center is a huge venue built to host the International Broadcasting Center and the Main Press Center. It has a total area of over 150,000 sq. m and, along with the nearby media hotel, occupies an area of 20 hectares – seven times the size of Moscow's Red Square.


The Sochi Medal Plaza is centrally located near the Fisht Olympic Stadium. All medal ceremonies during the 2014 Winter Olympics were held here.

The one-year anniversary of the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics was marked by the unveiling at Sochi's Olympic Park of a "Wall of Champions" bearing the names of all medalists from last year's Olympics and Paralympics. Two pyramids symbolizing snow-capped mountains carry 887 plates with the gold, silver and bronze champions' names, and 88 with the names of the participated countries.

Russian athletes topped the Winter Olympics medal table at Sochi for the first time in 20 years.


The Olympic Flame Cauldron is also here. Russia gave its highest Olympic honor to two of its greatest champions - hockey legend Vladislav Tretiak and figure skater Irina Rodnina lighted the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games.


The cauldron is surrounded by a large water basin containing a Fountain known as "The Waters of the Olympic Park". The fountain has been designed by California-based WET which also designed the cauldron for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It measures 5.3 meters in diameter with a capacity of about 700,000 gallons of water, featuring more than 250 nozzles and jet systems that can create fog and choreographed water displays set to music.

Sochi-Park housed here is the country's first theme park. The park occupies 20.5 hectares, and it features its own adventure park, and a hotel complex – a replica of a medieval-era castle.

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