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21 Olympiyskiy Ave., Imeretinskaya Lowland, Adler District, Sochi.

The first theme park in Russia – Sochi Park or the Russian Disneyland was open in a picturesque Imeretinskaya Lowland, close to the Olympic Park in the summer of 2014. The Park enjoys excellent transport accessibility. It's a very special place where little ones can meet their favorite characters from Russian folklore and Alexander Pushkin's tales and parents and grandparents can take part in many attractions specially built for Sochi Park.
There are roller coasters, thrill rides for the daring family members, kiddie rides for the children and family rides for everyone in the family to enjoy. Along with all of the fun rides are shows, parades, and games. And when your start to get hungry, you can take advantage of numerous food locations throughout the Park which includes cafes and restaurants, fun foods and meals for kids.
Occupying 54 hectares, the Park offers five theme areas all with their own unique features: the Gate of Fire – the main street with the spirit of the traditional Russian fair, the Bogatyrs (Epic Heroes) Land steeped in Russian epic, the Land of Science and Fiction with interactive and learning attractions, the Enchanted Forest full of fairy magic and ECO Village, a true Oasis getaway for children and adults alike.
There really is something for everyone at Sochi Park.



PIN-code Roller Coaster

This family roller coaster is perfect for every member of the family to enjoy. Penguin Pin, the favorite hero of the popular animated cartoon series "Smeshariki" will be your companion on this inspiring journey.
Kids must be at least 5 years of age accompanied by adults.

Dragon Zmey Gorynych Roller Coaster

A world-class thrilling roller coaster with the trail of 1056 m and the height of 38 m is one of the best Park's rides to keep you screaming. Get ready for a thrilling loop, spinny rides and a rattling good speed of 100 km per hour.
Visitors must be 130 cm tall and 12 years or older.


The most exciting free-fall attraction in Russia – 65 m of free fall!
Visitors must be 12 years and older.

Quantum Leap

Take one of the world’s thrilling rides to the height of 58 m at a breakneck speed of 105 km per hour.
Visitors must be 12 years and older.


Nine painted tea cups will swirl the kids around.

Carousel Tales

Traditional merry-go-round with beautifully painted horses will remind the kids of the most favorite tales.
Visitors must be 107 cm and taller.


The kids and adults will love flying swing, the traditional chain carousel in the "Enchanted forest". This bright and colorful attraction is 13 m high.
Visitors must be 120 m and taller.

Flying Ship

This magic flying ship provides great rides for the younger ones aging 4 to 8.

Jolly Pirate Barmaley

Jumping up and down provides excellent training for the future explorers of the seas aging 4 to 8.

Whirlpool (Moydodyr)

A lively and jolly attraction which offers a foam bath that's sure to please the little ones aging 4 to 8.

Kids' Autodrome

Kid-sized sound effect cars and motor cycles will please the kids aging 1 to 6.

Arcade Games

A delightful assortment of Arcade games will foster logic thinking and promptitude and will be fun for the entire family.


The kids of different ages can play around in Space Jungle.

Water Play Area

It's a perfect water-play attraction for kids to form dams and dyke lock, to turn the river and to ferry as well as to beat the heat and play the day away.


Live entertainment is available all day throughout the Park. Daily shows of street artists, clowns, acrobats, magicians and jugglers will enchant and captivate the kids and adults.
The magic world of Sochi Park offers an exotic four star hotel BOGATYR for 278 rooms. Its architecture resembles the medieval castle which features two originally shaped towers connected on the tenth level. And the hotel's interiors are inspired by Russian folklore.
The hotel is ideal for families with children.


Sochi Park offers a wonderful selection of mouth-watering foods. There are many food locations throughout the Park, which includes restaurants, fun food, meals for kids, and refreshments. Guests have a choice of Russian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and local dishes:
  • Mirror Palace – gastronomic show in a Royal Palace;
  • Restaurant Gvidon - authentic Russian cuisine;
  • Enchanted Garden Cafe - local cuisine;
  • Steaming Hot Bakery-Cafe – baked pies, pretzels and curd tarts;
  • Mangal BBQ – outdoor picnics with grilled dishes.
Experience amusement and thrills, enjoy delicious foods and much more at Sochi Park that has been successful in putting a smile on everyone's face.

Sochi Park MAP

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