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Khosta District

The third largest city district sprawling to the southeast from the city center, occupies approximately 374 square kilometers (144 sq mi). Its nature is extremely beautiful as its major part belongs to the National Park. No wonder, most of the city SPA-hotels and resorts are located here.

The district is traversed by many rivulets which give their names to the micro-districts of Matsesta ("flame-colored river"), Kudepsta, and Khosta ("the river of boars").

The Khosta District highlights include:

  • Akhun Mountain – the city highest point. Built in 1936 at the height of 663 m above sea level, the viewing tower on top of the mountain offers to nature lovers spectacular views over Sochi, great expanse of the Black Sea and the Western slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

  • Agura Waterfalls - the most visited falls here. They can be reached following the Agura river at the foot of Orlinye Skaly (Eagle Rocks). The beautiful trail leads you to Prometheus Rock, 125 m above sea level.

  • Orekhovskiye Waterfalls - one of the most spectacular waterfalls lies close to a picturesque settlement of Nizhnyaya Orekhovka, right where river Bezumenka (Crazy) flows into the Sochi river.

  • Zmeikovskiye Waterfalls - this cascade of seven totally different waterfalls lies in a kilometer-long stretch, along the current of the mountain river Zmeika. The two lowest falls, 10 m high each are the most spectacular ones. Lying close together, these two falls look like a cascade from a distance.

  • Yew&Box-Tree Grove – perhaps the most exciting part of the National Park, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Some of the giant box trees are 500-600 years old, and the yew trees are even older - 700 years or more.

  • Vorontsov Caves - resting at the foothills of the Vorontsov Mountain Range, in the upper reaches of the Kudepsta River, the caves are a unique destination for those seeking an adventure. This labyrinthine network of caves is 12 kilometers long and has a unique micro-climate with a constant temperature that provided an ideal location for early human settlements.

  • Joseph Stalin's Dacha - the genuine summer home of the former mighty Soviet leader built in 1936. He used to come here quite often, and the atmosphere of the modest interior of the time throws some light on his personality.

  • Friendship Tree Garden - the botanical oasis founded in 1934 for scientific research involving fruit trees and plants from around the world. A citrus plant that through a grafting experiment, produces 45 species of citrus. It all started in 1940, when Russian polar explorer Otto Schmidt inserted a bud into one of the branches. Since then, nearly 170 countries have added their “autographs” to the tree. Tags on the grafted branches honor many world-known individuals.

  • Aquarium & Marine Zoo located at the New Matsesta, it features a 1000-square-meter examination area and an amazing collection of marine animals and fishes. The Aquarium and Marine Zoo allows visitors to participate in feeding animals including sharks, hippos and penguins.

  • Sochi Circus - one of the best circuses in Russia. Popular international and Russian circus companies perform here year round.


Khosta District Khosta District Khosta District

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