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Lazarev District

Being the largest out of four (1,744 square kilometers or 673 sq mi), the Lazarev City District is also the city's northernmost and longest area – 105 km along the Black Sea. The area boasts a great number of box-wood groves, mineral springs, tea plantations, vineyards, gorges, caves, and waterfalls. It's ideal for active family vacation.

The Lazarev District highlights include:

  • Dolphinariums – the Dolphin Entertainment Complex, Morskaya Zvezda Dolphinarium and Coliseum Dolphinarium are nice places to visit and have a fantastic time.
  • Water Parks - water attractions await kids and adults in the Morskaya Zvezda and Aqua Loo Water Parks.
  • 33 Waterfalls - an amazing cascade of 33 waterfalls, hidden away 4 km higher the Kichmay settlement. A moderately difficult hike will deposit you into a pristine wilderness setting.
  • Tea Plantations - trip to the tea plantations is the most recommended half a day tour. Sochi wins the bid for having the northernmost tea plantation in the world. Tea has been grown here since 1878. Travelling through spectacular landscapes enables you to explore the city’s rural part, and tea-tasting ceremony in a beautiful tea-house from the authentic Russian samovars along with delicious pies, jam, fruit and hazel nuts is enjoyable.
  • Giant Tulip Tree - this unique tree grows in Golovinka village, and the best time to enjoy its beauty is end of May to early June. The official story goes that the tree was planted by general Nikolay Rayevsky in 1840. It has reached the height of 30 m with the diameter being 2,4 m. Being a national heritage, this Tulip tree is state protected.

The tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) is an ornamental tree that produces a breathtaking array of scented flowers in spring. Other common names for this tree include yellow poplar, tulip poplar, canoewood and tulipwood. It belongs to the same plant family as the magnolia.

  • Canyons – six natural canyons are the most scenic natural features in the area – Mamedovo, Svirskoye, Samshitovoye, Volkonskoye, Prokhladny and Krabovoye. They are popular with photographers and sightseers. Each Canyon has a special charm. They offer panoramic landscapes, sandstone cliffs, streams, cascading falls, and dolmens.
  • Dolmens - translated as stone tables, dolmens are one of the most common megalithic structures around the world. These cultic and funerary structures are made of large stones without the use of mortar or concrete, and they represent prehistoric periods. This area is littered with dolmens with 'spirit holes' in them. It is not yet determined whether the holes facilitated an astronomical function, or they served another function or sacred purpose.
  • Godlik Fortress - the remains of a Byzantine triangle fortress, which was initially built in 4-5 centuries A.D. It still has remained towers and part of limestone walls.


Lazarev District Lazarev District Lazarev District

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