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Vorontsov Caves

Explore the Vorontsov Caves resting in the foothills of the Vorontsov Mountains, along the upper reaches of the Kudepsta River. The caves are a unique destination for those seeking an adventure and educational experience.  

The Vorontsov Caves are a system of interconnected karstic caverns with a total length of about 12 km. They contain fossils and the bones of long extinct animals, and work tools of primeval people which inhabited the Vorontsov Caves around 15-20 thousand years ago.

The Vorontsov Caves were formed by the action of water  in prehistoric times. During  your walk tour you will see limestone formations, underground mineral springs, pools, and rivers. The cave is a unique underground world, featuring its own microclimate and temperature which stays at a constant 8-11 degrees Celsius.

There are two levels in the caves and 14 entry points. Your walk tour will take you along  the upperlevel, a  route of 600 m. The lower level, which is only open for speleologists  is considered to be even  more beautiful. A series of platforms, stairs and walkways are designed to give you the best views of the caves 

Cave visitors are kindly requested to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Please do not touch formations. Stalactites and stalagmites take a long time to form. They are easily discoloured by people touching them and the more fragile formations may break. 
  • Please help us protect the cave atmosphere and refrain from smoking in the cave.  
  • Keep quiet at all times.

Come and explore these fascinating caverns and see why millions of visitors each year go underground to visit these marvels of nature. 

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